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Debbie let me destroy her mouth in my friend's basement. She had some experience with this before but was no match for my cock. I had her choking and gagging right away and gave her a good hard face-fucking, which she really enjoyed. She had so much spit drooling out of her mouth that it really turned me on a lot, so I dropped my thick wad of cum on her tongue and made her swallow the whole thing.
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Mouth Fuck My boyfriend Vincent really likes to stick his dick in my mouth. I really like sucking cock until I’m gagging and gulping down his creamy cum. When I opened the door I found Vince standing in the door way cock in hand. His prick was like a rock and his balls a tight bunch (though he’s not tight when I comes to pumping out the jizz). His full packet was sticking out from between the zipper of his black trousers almost like someone had stuck a stiff rubber strap-on to his cock. Smiling in his wicked way, he pushed me back into the small cubical and knowing that look in his eye I sank to my knees and began sucking his cock We were sideways on, next to the toilet, so I put an arm across the top of the basin to steady myself as I squat down, legs wide, my bushy little pussy just visibl e from the bottom of my dress, which was again over my hips. Vincent had his feet against one wall and was leaning forward, hands on the opposite wall, pumping his prick in and out of my mouth as I worked my head back and forth to meet his thrusts.he probably thought:"will she gag?" He began to moan slightly with each thrust, as did I in urging him on to shoot his cum down my throat Soon I was tasting the salty creamy juice from his cock, as he ejaculated a couple of times. But this was not the last of it… lately he’s been spurting a couple of shots before he actually orgasms, and then he unloads with both balls (or so it seems) absolutely covering or filling what or who ever he’s been fucking! Today was no exception - After the first course ‘hors d’ouvre’ he really began to fuck my mouth hard, so I tightened my lips around his shaft and tucked a hand up under his bollocks, lightly jostling them, trying to tease out the load that I knew they held. This really did the trick - his next thrust became a sudden jerk and with his cock filling my mouth (I swear his knob-end was touching my tonsils!) he squirted the first shot of hot cum right down the back of my throat! I didn’t even get the chance to swallow it down before he shot the next load down, then the next and then the next. He must have given five or six good pumps of cum before, in one gulp I swallowed the lot. It was like downing a hot thick shake in one! As I sucked the dregs of spunk from his cock, he ran his fingers through my hair and smiled ‘Nice one’ he said. I looked up and returned the smile and then got up off my knees. With a firm squeeze of one of my breasts and a pinch of a nipple, he turned away towards the garden, tucking his stiffy back in his jeans and whistling happily.

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